Coco Spencer is a mixed-media artist, predominately based in Oakland/Daly City, California, who splits her time between many cities across the country and even as far as Moscow, Russia. She is fluent in 3 languages, constantly trying to learn more & a professional athlete with a passion for basketball, rugby, rock climbing and skate boarding. She works with ABO Comix to dismantle systems of oppression in prisons and publish works of incarcerated queers. She wears many hats and partners with various community organizations to speak their piece, keep the peace, get free. Black lives matter. Trans RIGHTS are Human Rights. Indigenous peoples are owed their land back.

Space Jam forever.

Carl Yonder

Growing up a military brat my family and I traveled around the country and eventually the world. With all of the relocating, my parents and artwork were the two biggest constants of my life. Over the years the initial love of art has developed into a passion which I continue primarily with sequential art and painting.  



Casey Landerkin

Artist/Illustrator based in upstate New York focused on the surreal side of life.



Lydia-Corrin Beckwith

Also known as FreakShow and Mother Nature. Making art since she could pick up a crayon, her styles (and mediums) have changed many times over the years, from doodle art and zentangle, to cartooning and surrealism.

“My artwork should make one feel good, and relatively happy- or it should make one feel incredibly disturbed. I’m satisfied with either reaction. If I don’t get one of those reactions, then I’m probably not doing what I’m supposed to as an artist.”



Hello my name is Christian Aranda, I moved out when I was 22 to somewhere remotely okay. Currently I live in a house with 25 people whose names I cant remember. Pretending to have some sort of plan in life, although I have no idea where life is taking me. Part time student, full time slave, I am agent Shrek.

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Tony Gelormino:

I'm known as Solstice Symposium 

I Make art and music that reflect where my heads at

Maybe you'll see your reflection as well


Dan Mabie

Dan Mabie works with digital and analog media to create art and architecture. Of specific interest to his work is the means and methods of pattern generation both historic and new.

Dan is a graduate of the Syracuse University School of Architecture. He also studied art and architecture at the University of Toronto.

Min Yeo

Designer from Seoul, Korea; A wannabe druid, interested in the weird and the beautiful. 

Travis Adenau


James Boettger

Jim is a graduate of Alfred University were he developed his unique imaginative and multidisciplinary approach.

Utilizing glass, paint, and steel he produces wondrous creations to delight the sense


Art in folk and political traditions to express solidarity with the working class.  Based out of Syracuse NY, M.E.S. is a founding member of Overcast.

"But though our thought seems to possess unbounded liberty, we shall find, upon a nearer examination, that it is really confined within very narrow limits, and that all this creative power of the mind amounts to no more than the faculty of compounding, transposing, augmenting, or diminishing the materials afforded us by the senses and experience."  - David Hume