Designing With an Umbrella.

In starting an art company, there are competing interests.

On the one hand, as an artist run company, we are all invested in producing the highest quality work. Personally we hope to always be striving for both technical virtuosity, as well as conceptual,  engaging content. On the other hand as a company, we are working towards building a recognizable identity as a branded product, and common wisdom often says this might demand things that are sometimes obstructive to ideal artistic practice. 

As a continuing exercise in both artistic creating and in commercial production, we have started a series of designs which focus on our logo as the base. While plenty of brands work with their logo as a design object, one need only think of Louis Vuitton, Dolce Gabbana,  or any other serial monogrammers to spot this trend in high fashion, to say nothing of other more everyday examples like Nike or or Victoria's Secret PINK line of clothing.

What we are attempting to do with this line of design is to work within this icon we have created to develop a brand, but to not let that symbol dictate our means, outlook, or product. We can break down its definitions and boundaries by employing different artist's ideas, iterating themes, changing materials of both design and production. The works we've made so far will be just a start, some will make it in to production, some wont. We don't know what will come out, or how long we will stick with it, but it's good to have a jumping off point.